Personalized Home Inspection

What You Can Expect

What exactly is a professional home inspection?

You hire an inspector to evaluate the major systems of the house to better make informed purchase decisions. This includes but is not limited to the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, roofing and structural components. The inspection is limited to those things which are visual and is considered non intrusive. 

Radon testing using electronic Continuous Radon Monitor equipment is performed upon request.

When will the home inspection report be finished and ready to deliver?

I most often will have my reports published to you by the end of the same day of inspection. However, this is entirely dependent on what I find, the age and size of the house. On an average house, I would anticipate approximately 4-5 hours on site. I'm happy to go over the preliminary report with you while on site.

Why not hire a plumber, electrician, engineer and roofing contractor to inspect the major components on a house?

This is certainly an option and much of the same information may come to the surface as a result. Hiring separate, qualified technicians would entail more cost, time and would not present as clean/concise to the parties involved in a real estate transaction. If the above are not factors to you, then I would not discourage you from taking that route.

What does Four Winds Home Inspections offer that others don't?

There are other talented and experienced home inspectors out there. I offer you my integrity, my honest appreciation of people and my deep interest in seeing that your home buying/selling experience is based on knowledge I can give you. I've been through many personal home purchases and sales of my own and have grown to enjoy the process. I would wish the same for you. 


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